1-on-1 coaching for the next generation of leaders across emerging markets

The CoffeeChat platform helps teams accelerate their growth at half the cost of traditional coaching with access to our global pool of coaches and experts who specialize in leadership, resilience, strategy, marketing and career advancement.


The CoffeeChat platform is trusted by innovative enterprises across emerging markets, including:

For Individuals

Everyone Needs a Coach

In any given week, you face a number of complex personal and professional challenges. Our pool of coaches spans a wide range of markets and areas of expertise so that you can speak 1-on-1 with the right person who will understand your context.

Success Stories

In our first two years, the CoffeeChat platform has facilitated over 1,000 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Joseph testimonial

Joseph, Startup Founder in Mauritius

“Sessions with my coach have been super valuable to the point of helping me make some major changes in my company and my personal life! This is something I recommend for many founders.”

Billy testimonial

Billy, Data Analyst in Malawi

"I worked consistently with my coach for several months. We had weekly check-ins and she was very supportive! We revised my CV and identified companies with whom I hold similar interests. Within 4 months I received and accepted an international job offer!"

Jean testimonial

Jean, Data Analyst in Kenya

"I felt the calls with my coach were helpful as she played a role that was complimentary to my other existing mentors, as the coach was looking at it from a more objective perspective. I'm quite glad with what we've achieved in our calls together."

Chris testimonial

Chris, Startup Founder in Sierra Leone

“My coach was generous with his time to discuss a range of issues around partnerships, go-to-market strategies, biz dev, and product design. He was incredibly helpful with advice and guidance! I look forward to scheduling another session with him.”

Fabrice testimonial

Fabrice, Venture Capitalist in Mauritius

"Our coach conducted a thorough technology due diligence of a prospective investment. He completed the review in a professional and timely manner that met our requirements. We would highly recommend him to others seeking similar support."

Kgosi testimonial

Kgosi, Startup Founder in South Africa

“Our coach was helpful and forward thinking! We consulted her on Curriculum Design for our solution. She was so well-versed within this field that we are going to implement her recommendations.”

For Teams

Supercharge Your Leaders

Empower your team by giving them access to a curated group of relevant coaches and experts. Participants pick their own coach from our recommendations and schedule 1-on-1 calls on a regular basis. HR staff can access their company dashboard to view and adjust their team's coaching journey such as awarding credits, browsing session reports and analyzing discussion topic trends.

Case Studies

CoffeeChat works across emerging markets including Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Mauritius to enable a coaching culture across teams

In 2020, CoffeeChat connected a number of startup founders with a pool of relevant coaches as part of a program run by Injini, Africa's first edtech incubator & seed investment program, based in Cape Town.

In 2020, CoffeeChat connected job seekers with relevant coaches in partnership with Shortlist, a platform that helps growing enterprises hire across East Africa and India.

For Coaches

Grow Your Impact

Join our growing pool of coaches & experts. It's free to join, and you'll be eligible to receive paid opportunities to support teams and leaders across emerging markets. There's no minimum time commitment and you'll receive email notifications when you've been requested for a 1-on-1 or group session.

Why Join As A Coach?

CoffeeChat hosts over 300 coaches and experts from across 30 countries

Florence testimonial

Florence, Change Leadership Coach

"CoffeeChat has brought a high standard of professionalism to the coaching industry and it is a real pleasure working with them! I would recommend CoffeeChat to any organisation or individual looking for a coaching partner."

Arnold testimonial

Arnold, Career Coach

"I have experienced seamless user experience as a coach and as a participant on the CoffeeChat platform. It’s straightforward and works well on the smartphone or PC yet it provides a such a great solution to those in need of a coach or expert across multiple sectors."

Marion testimonial

Marion, Personal Growth Coach

"I joined CoffeeChat almost six months ago. Having them by my side has brought me exposure to clients across Africa and other coaches. "

Note from the Founder

Leading people is hard

If you don't align your team around the same goals, they aren't as productive. If you don't listen carefully to your team members, they stop sharing innovative ideas. If you don't inspire people with a vision, staff leave for other companies.

Coaching can help

I was fortunate to receive executive coaching early in my career and found it transformative in accelerating my leadership journey. I always wished I could extend this type of support to my full team. But traditional 1-on-1 coaching can be too expensive to provide beyond the very top leadership. Its also too burdensome to source and coordinate relevant coaches for diverse & growing teams.

That's why we built CoffeeChat

Our platform enables teams in emerging markets to offer coaching to more of their leaders by making it more affordable and relevant. I'd love to support you and your team in finding the right coaches to drive your mission forward.


Chris Suzdak, Founder of CoffeeChat


Frequently Asked Questions

How are coaches screened?

Coaches & experts are carefully screened using an application submission, verification of relevant qualifications, and an onboarding interview call. Further, we monitor clients' ratings and reviews of each coach to ensure continued high standards.

How are coaches paid?

Clients pay up front on the CoffeeChat platform to book an individual session or team subscription. Once an individual confirms the completion of a session, those earnings become eligible for the coach to withdraw from their CoffeeChat dashboard.

Do you also offer assessments?

CoffeeChat can arrange third-party leadership and personality assessments for teams via appointed coaches certified to administer them.

Application to Join CoffeeChat's Pool of Coaches & Experts

Please share with us the following information and we'll reach out with next steps.